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SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
NationalitySquire's kingdom
Real world
"Slumber Party"

Squire was a prince of an unnamed kingdom who was implied to have died in his attempt to become a knight at the hands of Bazzle. Even after his death, the ghost of Squire still travels the world in search for his dragon, Bazzle.


Squire was the son of the king of his kingdom. Although royalty, Squire was adventurous, brave and heroic, as he wished to become a knight. However, his father would only allow him to become a knight if he tamed the dragon Bazzle. Armed with a sword, Squire traveled to the Mystic Forest where he encountered a wicked serpent, who wrapped itself around his neck and hissed. Not letting a serpent get in his way, Squire hissed back, which scared away the creature.

Soon, Squire found himself in Bazzle's cave where found the torch of the "knight who would never again see the light of day". Using Bazzle's own fire to light the torch, Squire searched for the dragon, but was amazed by the odd shapes on Bazzle's wall. When the dragon finally confronted the pony, Squire tried to confront it back by standing on his two legs and shouting at it, but Bazzle didn't care and instead destroyed the ground under Squire, causing him fall. It was implied that this fall killed Squire, as his ghost forever searched for his dragon after this incident.

An untold amount of time later, the ghost of Squire appeared in front of Patch to thank her for telling his story before setting off to continue his search for the dragon.


Befitting of any hero, Squire was brave, courageous, yet also kind and gentle. It appeared that he only desired to use his sword as a last resort and preferred to win his battles through more peaceful means. Hist ghost was shown to be veyr polite and thankful towards Patch for telling his story to other ponies, even if she told it as a fictional tale.


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