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My Little Pony Comic, sometimes known as just My Little Pony Comic was an ongoing comic that lasted from September 1985 to October 1994, nearly the entire extent of Generation 1. It was an episodic title, with little continuity and featured numerous stories per issue. Much of the creative team is unknown, with the art being produced by the company Selecciones Ilustradas and the only identified writers being Hilda Young, Mike Wild and Martin Gray. The comic was British in origin, published by London Editions, and was re-published all over Europe.

Lasting for 224 episodes, My Little Pony Comic is among the longest running comics based off a television series and longest running comics based off any pre-existing property.

Near the end of the comics run, the comic began to focus on My Little Pony Tales. The comic also garnered a spin-off entitled My Little Pony and Friends.



  • Many comics featured mail-ins, where readers would write mail to the characters (usually Spike), who would reply back to the reader in-character.

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