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Imperial Palace
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LocationPonyville (Mobile game)

The Imperial Palace was a palace located in Imperial Unicornia.


The origins of the Imperial Palace are unknown, but it eventually came to be the home of Sable Spirit, who ruled as Empress. Tragically, Sable Spirit was consumed with jealousy of her friend Mistmane, and in an attempt to surpass her natural beauty using magic was stripped of her own. Left bitter and disappointed, Sable Spirit began horsing the beautiful possessions of her subjects, becoming a tyrant. Eventually this led Mistmane to confront her old friend at the palace.

After a brief but intense duel, Mistmane subdued Sable Spirit. She then used a flower Sable Spirit had confiscated and her own beauty in a spell that restored beauty to the region, including Sable Spirit herself. Humbled and grateful for her friend’s sacrifice, Sable Spirit dedicated herself to being a fair and kind ruler. Over a thousand years later, the palace appears to have been abandoned but for a single old gardener, presumably due to ponies everywhere joining the monarchy of Equestria.

Rarity later came to the palace in search of the magical flower Mistmane had used. The gardener was initially unwilling to part with it, but relented after Rarity helped restore the dilapidated palace grounds.

In other media

In My Little Pony: Magic Princess, the palace is brought to present-day Ponyville through a Time Travel accident. It serves as a residential location not only for several of its ancient inhabitants/visitors, but also for the present day gardener.





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