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Empress Twilight, the “harsh, but fair” ruler of Ponyville

An Empress is often seen as an equivalent of a Queen for empires instead of kingdoms. It's male equivalent is Emperor.


The history of empresses is even more vague than queens. The term itself has been engraved in Equestrian culture, being historical empresses must have existed at some point in the distant past. Mistmane's village was ruled over by an empress during the Age of Heroes, with Sable Spirit seizing this title for herself after losing her Beauty due to a spell gone wrong. She tyrannized the village for some time, hoarding all objects of beauty for herself, before being defeated by Mistmane and repenting of her misdeeds.[1] When King Sombra and the Umbrum briefly conquered the Crystal Empire, Radiant Hope was proclaimed Sombra's empress. [2]

After Twilight Sparkle succumbed to the Ethical Cancer she received from her adventure in Abyssinia, she deemed herself to be the Empress of Ponyville and quickly conquered the small town by using a machine to turn all of her citizens into brainless morons while also increasing her own intelligence.[3][4] Flawless Rarity and, in an attempt to take her down from the inside, Princess Luna tried to align themselves with the empress to take over all of Equestria, but Twilight instead defeated both of them and decided to rule the entire world by her lonesome. However, she was cured shortly thereafter. [3][4] Later, the Pegasus filly Cozy Glow attempted to declare herself Empress of Friendship, but was thwarted in this ambition.[5]

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  • Despite the Crystal Empire consistently being referred to as an Empire, it's ruled by Prince and Princesses like a Principality.



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