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Ember, a Dragon Lord, a type of monarch

A monarch was an individual who ruled a monarchy, whether it be a kingdom or empire or other system. Monarchs were often kings or queens, prince or princesses or an assortment of local titles such as lord or master. Typically, head-monarchs were the heads of royal families, though some monarchies, particularly the Equestrian monarchy, had quite different traditions.

Behind the scenes

Much like their countries, monarchs have played an important role in the mythology of My Little Pony and can generally be split into two camps - good and evil monarchs. Good monarchs, such as Princess Celestia, Majesty, and to a slightly lesser extent, King Aspen, could be described as graceful, elegant and virtuous, while evil monarchs tended to be cruel, wicked and in many cases, irredeemable.

The last example wasn't always the case however, as there have been at least two, arguably three, examples of evil monarchs becoming good. These are King Charlatan, who changed his evil ways after he harmed his son, Prince Edgar, King Sombra, who realized he wasn't truly an evil person and ended up wandering Equestria with his childhood friend, Radiant Hope and the third arguable example was Scorpan, who was never actually evil but did evil things to protect Spike from certain doom by the hands of Tirek.

Villainous monarchs could be graceful and elegant in their own ways however, such as the hypnotically smooth, commanding presence of Tirek in "Rescue at Midnight Castle" and the sassy grace of Queen Chrysalis during The Return of Queen Chrysalis. Likewise, not every good monarch was exactly graceful or even friendly, such as the crude, but good-hearted Ember and the self-centered, but ultimately kind and compassion Prince Blueblood.