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Big Boy
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Big Boy, together with his confidant, Runt, were one of two gremlins who caused havoc around Ponyville, with a special hatred in their hearts for a certain cyan pegasus named Rainbow Dash. Despite their small stature, the two were actually surprisingly tough adversaries, capable of manipulating storms larger enough to cover the entire Ponyville Valley and tangle with Rainbow Dash herself.


Big Boy came from a long line of Gremlins. His distant ancestor was a member of King Vorak's court, alongside the ancestor of Runt. It was unclear whether or not their ancestors were as rotten as they are now, but given their somber, tired faces, it was unlikely. Runt made his first appearance in Rainbow Dash's life at the Summerfell Festival, where he created a large stormcloud that Rainbow Dash flew into. Using his abilities to manipulate the cloud and the great cold of it, he was able to strike fear even in Rainbow Dash by giving it the appearance of a monster.[1]

After being saved by Spitfire, Dash was able to shake-off her fear and became more determined to destroy the cloud than ever, telling a PNN reporter of her plan on air. Big Boy and Runt managed to cancel out and deny every attack Dash threw at them, as they continued to bask in the melancholy they were bringing upon Ponyville. As the melancholy grew, the citizens of Ponyville began to grow ever more miserable with some even turning on Dash, thinking the whole thing was her fault. Big Boy continued to grow stronger as Dash became more and more desperate to defeat him. Eventually, the two resorted to close-quarters-combat, with Big Boy surprisingly defeating Dash without much issue.[1]

As the battle raged on, so to did the intensity of the storm. Eventually, a thunderbolt nearly struck Dash's beloved tortoise, Tank, causing Dash to realize how bad things have truly gotten. Deciding to give it her all, Dash prepared to sacrifice herself and performed the greatest Sonic Rainboom ever. This result completely destroyed Big Boy's storm, but left Dash injured and weak. The happiness the rainboom caused weakened the two gremlins and forced them to escape.[1]

The Gremlin incident effected Dash in a severe manner. She would go on to have nightmares about them, fearing that they would someday come back and create another storm or even a flood that she could not stop.[2]


Like his partner-in-crime, Runt, Big Boy spoke in a very articulate way, speaking in a prose of big and generally uncommon words. He seemed to be an avid reader and was ready to employ battle tactics he read in Mule Tzu's The Start of War to get the upper hand. Overall, in spite of his scrawny, thuggish and brutish appearance, Big Boy presented himself as a surprisingly intelligent foe, able to inflict intense fear into his enemies with his wit and abilities. He was also very cruel and malicious, who got his strength by spreading melancholy and sadness. He despised the very idea of happiness.



Big Boy was a character created for IDW Publishing's internal My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic continuity, first appearing in the pages of Micro-Series #2, created by Ryan K. Lindsay and Tony Fleecs.


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