Prince Rutherford

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Prince Rutherford is the current Prince of Yakyakistan.


Befriending Ponies

By the time Prince Rutherford first met the Mane Six, the Yaks and Ponies had been out of contact for "hundreds of moons" due to Yakyakistan's isolated location. However, Rutherford accepted an invitation to visit Ponyville, apparently hoping-as did Twilight Sparkle-that their visit would lead to a bond of friendship between their peoples. However, Twilight and her friends made the mistake of trying to make things just like Yakyakistan, without actually having anything from Yakyakistan. This led Rutherford and his yak aides to smash the various offerings in anger. Later, they were moved by a piano recital put on by Spike, until they learned that he had been using a player piano.

After destroying it, Rutherford demanded that the ponies hold the party they had been promising the yaks; when Twilight attempted to stall due to the absence of Pinkie Pie, Rutherford was further angered. He promptly declared war on Equestria, and left to gather his people for an assault on the Ponies. Fortunately, a flock of Sheep prevented the Friendship Express from leaving, and Pinkie Pie returned and was struck with inspiration. She realized that the Yaks were angry because the Ponies had tried to imitate things from their homeland, when really they should have been sharing the things that made Equestria great with the Yaks. Greatly pleased, Rutherford rescinded his declaration of war, and responded to Pinkie Pie's exuberant embrace with one of his own.

Some time later, after considerable hinting from Pinkie, Rutherford invited her to visit Yakyakistan for their Yickslurbertfest holiday. Rutherford did his best to make Pinkie Pie feel welcome, joking with her and showing her various aspects of Yak culture. However, after Yakyakistan was buried in an avalanche, he refused to send word to Equestria asking for help, despite Pinkie's attempts to convince him otherwise. Eventually, she went and recruited her friends to help the Yaks, intending to hide their involvement from him, but was discovered. Fortunately, Rutherford was pleased, as Pinkie had unwittingly done as he had hoped: brought help without making the Yaks as for it. As a result, he thanked her and presented her with a Yak helmet and the title of "Honorary Yak."

Competition and diplomacy

On one occasion Prince Rutherford traveled to Griffonstone to attend a boffyball game, and was displeased when the Griffon team managed to score a single point against his Yak team. Later, he welcomed Shining Armor and Prince Blueblood to Yakyakistan to discuss trading between the Yaks and Ponies. Shining Armor's attempt to befriend the Yaks proved a failure, but fortunately Blue Blood managed to win them over and complete the negotiations successfully. He also attended Princess Celestia's birthday party, and a subsequent diplomatic event in Ponyville that also included Princess Luna, Chief Thunderhooves, and King Aspen.

Pinkie Pie later arranged with Rutherford for the Wonderbolts to perform in Yakyakistan, and for Rainbow Dash's parents Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles to be in attendance. Though the Yaks showed little outward reaction, Rutherford assured the ponies that his people enjoyed the exhibition. Unfortunately, the event was interrupted by an attacking force of Dragons, and Rutherford was forced to lead his people and the Ponies to shelter. Fleetfoot was then dispatched to Ponyville for help, and returned with the rest of the Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer, and Spike. Despite this aid, the Yaks were forced back again, and after ceasing her initial attack Dragon Lord Ember arrived.

Ember accused the Yaks of breaking a "sacred bond" between them and the Dragons, and warned them that she would attack again the following day. Rutherford and Twilight then attempted to learn what the Yaks might have done, but were unable to decipher anything from the ancient yak scrolls. However, after Spike forced the two sides to communicate, Rutherford came to understand something that had always baffled him. Long ages ago, his predecessor Prince Ulysses had bestowed the title of honorary Yak upon Dragon Lord Scintilla; however, the way Scintilla was illustrated made the Yaks think he was a volcano. The two sides made piece, with Rutherford and Pinkie offering to rescind Pinkie's honorary Yak status; however, Ember declined their offer.

Rutherford later attended the Convocation of the Creatures, mingling with representatives of various races from across the world.

Chaperone, celebrant, and combatant

Subsequently, Rutherford came to Twilight's School of Friendship in Ponyville, bringing Yona with him to enroll her as a student. After Chancellor Neighsay displayed his paranoia of non-pony creatures, however, an offended Rutherford was among the representatives of other creatures who withdrew their students from the school. When Pinkie Pie attempted to convince her to let Yona reenroll, Rutherford informed her that Yona had disappeared, and threatened war with the other creatures out of suspicion that they were hiding her. Fortunately, the students were found, and Celestia and Twilight prevented Rutherford and his counterparts from attacking Neighsay when he once again spoke again non-ponies; Rutherford subsequently departed the school in peace.

Pinkie later visited Rutherford during Snilldar Fest, which took place at the same time as the Ponies' Hearth's Warming festivities. She sought his help in finding the perfect gift for one of her friends, but Rutherford took her aside and admitted that Yaks were not the best at giving gifts. He then entrusted her with a map to the Gift Givers Grove, a secret handed down from Yak Prince to Yak Prince. After Pinkie Pie's return, he resumed Snilldar Fest activities with his fellow Yaks.

When the Legion of Doom threatened Equestria, Rutherford]] allowed Yona to address their fellow yaks in a plea for aid. He then led his subjects in joining the many creatures who fought on the side of Equestria during the Apocalypse. Later, he was among the attendees of Twilight Sparkle’s coronation as Queen of Equestria. Years later, he would be remembered by Pinkie Pie among her most significant acquaintances.



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