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My Little Pony character
Biographical information
SpeciesAnimal  • Ox
ResidenceLand of Legends
Real world
"Through the Door"

Babe was a big blue Ox and loyal companion of Paul Bunyan.


Not much is known of Babe, but he seemed to be an intelligent and capable creature who hailed from the Land of Legends alongside Bunyan and probably appeared in the book, Paul Bunyan. He entered Ponyland with his companion, but soon had to leave the place in order to save the Land of Legends from falling apart.

Behind the scenes

Babe is a figure that appears in the lore of American and Canadian lumberjacks. According to the typical narrative, Babe was either born or still very young during the 'winter of blue snow', a winter that was so cold that the very snow was a distinctly blue color, which caused the poor ox to become blue as well. Paul met and quickly befriended the beast and the two became inseparable, leading some to say that 'Paul without his Ox wasn't much Paul at all'. According to some accounts, Babe tragically died in the 'year of yellow snow' by eating the poison snow.


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