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Sweet Apple Homestead
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LocationPonyville (formerly)
Sweet Apple Acres (mobile game)
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"The Perfect Pear"

The Pear Family Homestead was a barn and home formerly located in Ponyville, next to Sweet Apple Acres. It was home to members of the Pear family prior to the majority of them relocating to the city of Vanhoover.


It is unknown whether Sweet Apple Acres absorbed the land of its former business rival, though it seems unlikely that the land was sold directly to the Apples by the Pears if this was the case given both their long-standing feud and the circumstances surrounding the Pears' departure.


The homestead was presumably built sometime after Sweet Apple Acres' Sweet Apple Homestead, which was notable for being the first residence built in Ponyville. At some point, its inhabitants became involved in a feud with the neighboring Apple family, and a fierce rivalry developed between the two farms. The homestead was also home to Pear Butter, who enjoyed an amiable-even romantic-relationship with Apple family scion Bright Mac. On at least one occasion, a bird flew between the homes of the two young lovers carrying a note.

Eventually, Pear family patriarch Grand Pear decided to move his family to Vanhoover, which afforded both more land in which for the Pear family to expand their business and distance from their long-time adversaries. Pear Butter was grieved by this news, as it would mean being separated from her beloved Bright Mac. Bright Mac was thus moved to marry Pear Butter in secret, with the wedding taking place between their two homes. Sadly, Grand Pear refused to reconsider his position, and when forced to choose between going to Vanhoover with her old family and remaining in Ponyville with her new one, Pear Butter chose the latter.

The Pear Family Homsestead and its surrounding farm evidently ceased to exist following the Pear family's departure, as Apple family historian Goldie Delicious would later note that Sweet Apple Acres was "the only farm in Ponyville".[1]

In other media

My Little Pony: Magic Princess

In the mobile game, the homestead is located in Sweet Apple Acres and is home to the mare and filly versions of Pear Butter as well as the younger version of Grand Pear. Grand Pear's elderly version, added to the game considerably earlier, resides instead in the Travelers' Wagon.



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