Wedding of Bright Mac and Pear Butter

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This wedding was the commencement of the marriage between Bright Mac and Pear Butter.


Bright Mac and Pear Butter had been courting one another for some time when Pear Butter learned from her father, Grand Pear, that the Pear Family was moving to Vanhoover. Unwilling to be separated from the love of his life, Bright Mac arranged the wedding in secret, asking Mayor Mare to officiate and inviting his best friend Burnt Oak and Pear Butter's best friend Chiffon Swirl as guests and witnesses. He then brought Pear Butter to the appointed site at night and expressed his determination to remain with her. Pear Butter reciprocated his feelings, and Mayor Mare began the ceremony. In the process of their vows, the two planted one apple seed and one pear seed in the ground right next to each other. In the midst of it, Granny Smith and Grand Pear appeared, questioning what was going on; their children briefly explained their affection for each other, before Mayor Mare completed the ceremony.


Both Grand Pear and Granny Smith were initially appalled by this development, due to the ongoing Feud Between the Apple and Pear Families and the Pears' imminent move. Grand Pear insisted that Pear Butter had to stay with her family, but she replied that "the Apples are my family now, too", a remark that made Granny Smith pause. Unmoved, Grand Pear questioned whether his daughter would choose her new family over the one she was born into, and when asked if he was insisting that she make such a choice, she replied in the affirmative. Grand Pear stormed off in a huff, effectively disowning his tearful daughter, who was comforted in her grief not only by her new husband, but by Granny Smith.

Years later, the seeds planted by the young couple had grown into an Apple-Pear Tree, which was discovered by their children and shown to Granny Smith and Grand Pear after the latter returned to Ponyville. Having spent years apart from his daughter and son-in-law, who had since passed away, Grand Pear tearfully apologized to his grandchildren and Granny Smith for acting in anger and leaving Ponyville in the first place.