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The FlimFlamverse is an alternate reality version of Equestria created by Starlight Glimmer through the use of her Chrono Trigger spell and the Cutie Map.


The history of the FlimFlamverse was presumably identical to that of the main timeline of Equestria up until the day on which the Mane Six were supposed to receive their Cutie Marks. Starlight Glimmer, seeking to prevent this from happening, traveled back in time, but was pursued by Twilight Sparkle and Spike. Twilight had already witnessed several other alternate realities due to Starlight's actions; on this occasion, Starlight used her magic to help a young Fluttershy fly through an obstacle course. As a result, history was altered so that FlimFlamverse Flim and Flam were able to establish several factories in the vicinity of FlimFlamverse Ponyville, having apparently cut down a number of trees. After witnessing this altered present, Twilight and Spike traveled back in time yet again, thus negating this timeline from existence.

Behind the scenes[edit]

As with several of the alternate timelines shown in The Cutie Re-Mark, virtually nothing is known about how the history of the FlimFlamverse unfolded differently than that of the main timeline. It seems likely, however, that at least part of this timeline involved the Apple family losing to Flim and Flam during this timeline's version of The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, presumably due to the Mane Six not being formed and thus not being able to assist the Apples in the contest.

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