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Overview information
LocationApplewood, Western Equestria
TypeAmusement park
Historical information
FounderWalt Whinny
"Reigns, Trains and Cartwheels"

Whinny Land was an amusement park created in Applewood, Western Equestria, founded by the Whinny corporation, likely Walt Whinny himself. The park appears to be among Equestria's most popular amusement parks, with ponies as far as east as Ponyville being enamoured with the place.


Given the statue of "Walt Whinny", it's likely he funded the creation of the park. Whinny Land has two mascots, the playful Wilhelm Wombat and the serious-minded Elmer Eagle. Despite its friendly appearance, the park has a rather ominous sign that reads "surrender all bits at gate", implying it's a very money-hungry place. Whinny Land has several places to eat, with Oat Whip's being among their snacks.

Applejack and Rarity visited the park on their trip to the Western Orange family's residence.


Rides and attractions


Behind the scenes

Whinny Land is based off of the Walt Disneyland theme park.



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