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The great city of Applewood

Applewood is a large, flashy city somewhere in Equestria. Known for its production of films and famous population, the city is famous throughout all of Equestria. At some point after the Storm Kings regime, a film being directed about the life and times of the Mane Six was being filmed, known as A Princess' Diary. The film was a total flop however, but was considered a great comedy for unintentional reasons.


Applewood was founded near the San Palomino Desert,[1] an iconic desert which is reflective in Applewood culture. The city has its own newspaper called the "The Applewood Reporter", which appears to be a famous newspaper.[2] The city has produced many films, such as Singin' in the Reigns, a film presumably based off of Prance and The Third Mare, starring Horse N. Welles.[3] The city has a strong culture of film making and fame ascioated with it, with a Walk of Fame depicting many famous celebrties such as Songbird Serenade,[4] Coloratura[3] and A.K. Yearling.[5]

Rarity and the others traveled to Applewood when they heard a movie about their adventures was being directed. There, they met with Wormer Horsehooves, who passed on the responsibility of directing the film to them. The girls were enthusiastic about it at first, but creative differences drew them apart and so they each directed their own film. It was considered a comedy by the Citizens of Applewood, and Lyra Heartstrings for some reason.[6]


Applewood is shown to be lush and tropical, with many palm trees and bushes.[7] It is however, very induestrial with several buildings for various purposes, such as film making, film production, cinema culture and other franchises.[8] The city also boasts other types of shops, such as souvineer shops and photo-booths.[5]

Places of interest


Behind the scenes

Applewood is an obvious analog for Hollywood, with several of its hallmarks reflecting as such. It first appeared in the 66th issue of Friendship is Magic.



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