Tenochtitlan Basin

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Tenochtitlan Basin
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LocationGreater Equestria
Historical information
Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Maripore
"Daring Doubt"

The Tenochtitlan Basin was a jungle located somewhere in Greater Equestria, presumably in Equestria. The jungle was vast and contains the Tenochtitlan Temple, which was apparently dedicated to the deity Tonatiuh.


Fluttershy, Dr. Caballeron and his henchponies, Biff, Withers and Rogue ventured into the jungle to receive the Talisman off Tonatiuh, meanwhile A.K. Yearling and Rainbow Dash traveled after them to make sure Fluttershy was okay.

In the Jungle, Fluttershy and crew encountered the Jungle Cats, a small army of vicious cats lead by Ahuizotl to stop Daring Do, though Fluttershy managed to stop the cats with her overwhelming kindness. Soon, they came across the temple and traveled inside of it, with Daring Do and Rainbow Dash following soon behind.


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