Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Maripore

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Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Maripore is the first book written in the Daring Do trilogy. According to the promotional material, in-universe the book was written by A.K. Yearling but was actually written by G.M. Berrow.



A mysterious stallion, who has long since abandoned his heroic ways, scarred and injured both physically and mentally sets off to perform the Vehoovious Hex. He ponders the sacrifices needed to be made, and doesn't consider them worth much, even though the hex requires pony sacrifice.

Chapter 1: "On the High Seas"

Daring Do found herself a stowaway on the S.S. Blue Peter, a ship under the control of Captain Pony the Elder, a famous but harsh captain more feared than pirates. On the ship, she managed to stay hidden, but eventually left the ship when they finally hit land and settled at Horseshoe Bay.

Chapter 2: "A Cloaked Stranger"

Daring Do finally manages to return to her cottage in the woods, but she finds a mysterious hooded stallion standing there. Observing the stallion, she soon learn the stallion wishes for her help to save the village of Maripore.







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