Daring Doubt

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Template:Animation Daring Doubt is the 21st episode of the ninth and final season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. When Fluttershy reads an unauthorized Daring Do book, she eventually ends up going on a quest with Dr. Caballeron in order to hear his side of the story.


After Fluttershy read Daring Do and the Fallen Idol, she went to Rainbow Dash's house to tell her of all the Daring Do books she read. When Rainbow Dash says the "Fallen Idol" book isn't an actual Daring Do book, Fluttershy tells it came out last week and asks if Dash just didn't read it yet. Soon they realize it was actually written by Groom Q.Q. Martingale, a new writer with a goal to ruin Daring Do's reputation.

At the Bookstore, the two try to warn A.K. Yearling of what happened but she was already swamped with angry fans who had already read the book and complained to her. When she asked if any of them were actually there for the book signing, they grew awkward and left, but not before a filly asked if she actually kicked puppies. Later, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go to the next door bookstore to confront Martingale who turns out to be Dr. Caballeron. Although Rainbow Dash is hostile towards him, Fluttershy is understanding and kind and soon agrees to join his expedition into the Tenochtitlan Basin to uncover an artifact.

Over the course of the adventure, Dr. Caballeron and his goons grow to genuinely care for Fluttershy as they see just how unabashedly kind-hearted and caring she is. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and A.K. Yearling go out to try to save her from Dr. Caballeron. Eventually, Fluttershy and her new friends find the temple they were heading for and go inside, with Rainbow Dash and A.K. Yearling hot on their tail.

They soon find the artifact and Fluttershy grabs it, but it causes lava from the ground to spurt up and nearly kill her, but Biff, Rouge and Withers manage to pull down a pillar with Dr. Caballeron used to save her life. They're soon confronted by Daring Do and Rainbow Dash who thought Dr. Caballeron and the others were trying to hurt Fluttershy. Using the artifacts power to cause its wearer to always tell the truth, Dr. Caballeron admits that he's only in it for the money, but also that he really does care about Fluttershy.

After this unexpected turn, the group are attacked by Ahuizotl and his Guardiangoyals. Dr. Caballeron and A.K. Yearling team up to defeat the monsters and manage to escape Ahuizotl, but Fluttershy seeks out to hear why he's trying to harm them to begin with. Ahuizotl reveals that it's his job to protect artifacts in the Tenochtitlan Basin and from his point of view, Daring Do and Dr. Caballeron were just trying to steal them from him. After Daring Do and Dr. Caballeron agreed to never steal from him again, the two decide to co-write a book together. Unfortunately, Ahuizotl wrote his own book which was leagues more popular.






  • The name "Groom Q.Q. Martingale" is probably a reference on George R.R. Martin. The use of "Q.Q" may be a reference to the Q.Q emoticon, which is to denote sadness in text. This is likely because of his intentional sob-story.
  • "Flightladesh" is named after the country Bangladesh.
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