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Chaotic evil

Crunch was a rockdog created by Eminence the Mountain King of the Purple Mountains to guard his Heart Stone. However, he forgot to give Crunch any heart and instead the dog began pure evil.


Not having any heart, Crunch was wicked and cruel and a huge bully to boot. He boasted of his hatred for all things soft, gentle and caring and turned whatever he could into stone, eventually turning entire locations into barren and rocky landscapes. He was given this ability to turn things into stone through the Black Lava Rock from the Volcano of Evil, granted to him by Eminence. Crunch attacked the Bushwoolies due to their kind and gentle temperaments and fuzzy appearances and turned them all into stone, except for one who managed to escape to Paradise Estate and warn the ponies of Crunch.

Much later, the ponies and their friends began to sneak through the Rocklands when they came across the monster. After the Bushwoolie who escaped spotted another Bushwoolie and went to save them, Crunch turned them both into Stone. Danny went to give Crunch a piece of his mind, but Crunch was so amused by Danny's attempts to act tough that he merely fell over in laughter.

Later, Crunch and his monsters began to chase after them. Gusty tried to buy her friends time by distracting Crunch but Crunch didn't by the distractions for long and turned her into stone. Buttons tried after Gusty but managed to escape afterwards.

Eventually, Crush managed to confront the ponies once again. Wind Whistler fed up with the way she was being mistreated sided with Crunch and told him to turn Truly into stone. Crunch realized that Wind Whistler was still kind-hearted but Wind Whistler vowed to prove her villainy by feeding him another victim, Megan. Megan saw through her guise and used the Heart Stone to defeat Crunch by turning him into a puppy. However, as a puppy, he was still evil and so they gave him a shard of the Heart Stone, turning him into a kind puppy.


A similar concept to rock-based dogs were done in Friendship is Magic with the introduction of Diamond Dogs. However, aside from a similar idea, the two rock dogs couldn't be further apart. Likewise, the Diamond Dogs were instead based off the Diamond Dogs album by David Bowie.


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