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Tales character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
FamilyBloom family
Real world
"Sister of the Bride"

Meadowlark is the eldest daughter of Miss Bloom, sister of Clover, wife of Cheval and sister-in-law of Suzette.


Meadowlark is the eldest child of Miss Bloom and the older sister to Clover. At some point in the past, she met a stallion named Cheval who she would eventually marry. The lead up of their marriage was filled with trials and tribulations, due to Clover believing Cheval was cheating on her with Suzette, but it eventually came to be. She happily married Cheval in the company of her loved ones. She seemed to be good friends with Suzette as well.



Meadowlark was a very kind-hearted, sweet, caring and loving pony who always found time for her little sister, even when she was on the brink of marrying her one-true-love, Cheval. She got along fabulously with Cheval and his family, though it's unclear how they met. She seemed to be an artistic pony, attending ballet dances and enjoyed singing.


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