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TALES18 Cheval.png
Species Pony
Kind Earth Pony
Gender Male
Occupation Ballet dancer
Residence Ponyland
First "Sister of the Bride"

Cheval is a ballet dancer who lives in Ponyland. He's the husband to Meadowlark and brother to Suzette.


Cheval is a well-known, or at least well-liked, ballet dancer who works for the Ballet Company. In a production, he portrayed a prince. It's unclear how he met Meadowlark, but the two decided to get married. Though their marriage started off well, Meadowlarks sister, Clover and her friends all began to believe Cheval was cheating on her with Suzette. However, it turned out Suzette was also getting married and that she was actually Cheval's sister. After this hiccup was sorted out, Cheval and Meadowlark properly got married.[1]

Later, he and Meadowlark got the roles of the Price and Princess respectively. Being both celebrities, the two were hounded by paparazzi and journalist trying to wrangle out any news of the event. During the lead up to the play, Cheval stayed at Bloom residence. When the play came around, it proved to be a rousing success.[2]



Cheval is a very kind, sweet guy who treats his family with lots of love. He obviously loves Meadowlark and his sister, Suzette, dearly and also forgave Clover and her friends in spite of their misunderstandings.

Behind the scenes[edit]


"Cheval" is French for "Horse".

Voice actors[edit]

Language Actor Note
English: Richard Ian Cox Prolific voice actor for both Tales and Friendship is Magic


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