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At some point in the past, a behemoth of a dragon was impaled on the side of a mountain near Klugetown. His heart was harvested by the townspeople near by, presumably Basalt Beach town.


The mountain was a rugged, sharp and coastal place. Given the scenery, it's possible it was intended to be near by the Basalt Beach, as both are black, rigid and coastal locales. Interesting, the skull of the dragon was carved and marked, possibly implying his corpse was defaced by locals.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The location was intended to be a location explored by the Mane Six at some point early in production. Designer Alexia Tryfon mentioned that they were attempting to push the design of Klugetown. Like the "vast forest" and Klugetown Tavern, it was eventually cut. Alexia Tryfon claimed that it was "[...] too far for the My Little Pony universe."[1]




  1. [[The Art of My Little Pony: The Movie}}]] (ART)  page 76.  When developing Klugetown we tried to push the design, to the degree that at one point we had a skeleton of a dragon impaled on a sharp mountain as the townspeople harvested its crystal heart. Needless to say, this was a bit too far for the My Little Pony universe, but it was fun taking the concept all the way and then bringing it back to what we have now as Klugetown.
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