Hyperborean Mountains

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Hyperborean Mountains

The Hyperborean Mountains is a mountainrange located on the Griffon continent. It houses the kingdom of the griffons, Griffonstone.


During their voyage to Griffonstone, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie crossed by the mountains.[1]


The Hyperborean Moutains appear to be a huge ad long-stretched range, characterized by grayish-brown rocks and snowy mountain tops.

Behind the scenes

"Hyperborea" was a mythical location located somewhere in Europe. The Greeks described it as an ancestral homeland far to the north. In recent years, Hyperborea has gained a reputation like Atlantis, Lemuria/Mu, Thule and Hy Brasil as a mythical land that may not exist. Hyperborea became popular in popular culture thanks to the works of Robert E. Howard, who also gave the world classics such as Conan the Barbrian.




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