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Hope Hollow
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Hope Hollow is a town in Equestria located quite some away's from Ponyville. It was primarily lead by the Skies family, who served as the towns mayors for at least three generations. Petunia Petals runs at least two businesses in the town, and has about seven jobs in total, making her arguably the most important pony in the town.


Hope Hollow was often referred to as the "end of the rainbow" due to the good-will and kindness the neighbors showed one another. However, the good-vibes the ponies gave off tended to die out around the time Sunny Skies took office, but due to no fault of his own. Every year, the town hosted the "Rainbow Festival" to bring the town even closer together. To help with this, Grandfather Skies built a Rainbow Generator to make the festival even more beautiful, but over time, the excitement regarding the festival died down and mayor Sunny Skies grew desperate. He attempted to work on the generator to make a rainbow himself, but the generator failed and the disappointment caused the town to lose its colors. Since then, the mayor blamed himself.

Sometime later, a little before the Rainbow Festival, Sunny sent an invitation to Rainbow Dash to see if she could visit the town, not telling her he truly just wanted her help. The Mane Six took a hot air balloon to the town, but crashed on the Rainbow Billboard and nearly fell to their deaths. While the girls stayed in Hotel Hope, Sunny Skies saw the wreckage of their balloon and "feared for the worst". During their stay in the town, the Mane Six all helped with the Rainbow Festival in their own ways until Twilight eventually discovered that Hopeless magic is what dimmed the town, not Sunny Skies' mishap.

Slowly, the town began to regain its color, and finally the town gained all of its color back when Sunny Skies finally proposed to Petunia Petals in front of the other residents.

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