Somnambula (My Little Pony)

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The name or term "Somnambula" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Somnambula (disambiguation).
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Almost the exact opposite of her FiM counterpart.

Somnambula was a human witch with the amazing powers to create illusions, make them real, manipulate the very earth, age her enemies and make her young again. Clever and cruel, Somnambula was easily one of the greatest villains ever to blight Paradise Estate, only really being defeated when she didn't realize Big Brother Ponies were strong enough to rip apart stones from walls, which to be fair, would be easy to miss.


Somnambula was an old woman who traveled the world with her ox and the bird, Keri, causing trouble wherever they went. Somnambula abused her otherwise kind-hearted bird to do her bidding, by singing ponies into falling into a trance and obey her biddings. When the ponies found her, she used her magic to create a "circus" and mountainside for the ponies to "play" in. There, she used the unicorns to de-age her and power her up while all the other ponies aged by decades. Somnambula's lair was underground, and she was capable of manipulating the circus from a cavern within it. She was eventually stopped by the Big Brother Ponies who destroyed her magic crystal.


  • Her design, mannerisms and magical powers were mostly lifted from the Roma or "Gypsy" culture Eastern Europe and Western Asian regions.

Behind the scenes

Unlike her Friendship is Magic counterpart, this incarnation of Somnambula is not bubbly, sweet, kind, caring or playful. She's pretty much the opposite of all of those things. Her actress is currently unknown.