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Danny Williams
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Danny Williams was a human boy and the brother of Megan and Molly.


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Early life

When Molly was three-years old, she believed there was a bear in her closet, which Danny made fun of her for since it was stuffed.[1]


Danny often built elaborate machines

Resourceful, stalwart, and brave, Danny often served the role of an organizer when his friends were in danger. He was more technically minded than Megan or Molly, typically using technology such as a Tape Recorder to save the day. In addition to his technical prowess, Danny was a prodigious engineer, capable of crafting rather complicated machines and traps from wood, rope and everyday obejcts like kitchenware and buckets.[1]

Danny Although he could be rude and fiery, he had a truly gentle heart and rarely hesitated to help those in need, especially his friends. He was very trusting of others, but also took betrayal very hard, growing extremely angry and sad when he believed Drog betrayed him.

He was very adventurous and would often aid his friends on dangerous quests, such as when he helped Spike find his true parents. Danny didn't take defeat very well and would sometimes sulk upon capture, while Megan or his other friends would actively find solutions to their problems. Nonetheless, once a solution was spotted, Danny wouldn't rest until it was fulfilled.



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