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MLP13 Crank.png
Species Lobster
Gender Males
Occupation Sidekick
Real world
Voice actor Frank Welker
First "The Ghost of Paradise Estate"

Crank was the sidekick and second banana to Squirk, who abused him constantly for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Crank was just as cruel and wicked as Squirk, nut nowhere near as competent or skilled. Because of this, he was often abused and badly treated by Squirk who often insulted him or smacked him away with his tentacles. Crank tried to snatch a half of the Flashstone from Pluma and the ponies, but required the help of Squirk to do so. After the Flashstone was taken from them and hidden away, Squirk and Crank both were banished back to the ocean to whence they came.

Voice actors[edit]


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