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Gender Male
First "The Ghost of Paradise Estate"

Squirk was an evil, tyrannical dictator octopus who ruled an underwater kingdom alongside his sidekick, Crank. With the Flashstone, Squirk was able to do anything his mind willed. Which was never anything good!


According to Pluma, Squirk was ancient, but she wasn't sure how ancient he was, which her figures fluctuating from 10,000 years to 20,000,000 or so years. Regardless, Squirk ruled for centuries. Over time, the flooded Paradise Estate would drain, allowing for more land to be appear, but less land for Squirk to rule.

When the Penma first came to Dream Valley, Pluma's grandfather, Rough, engaged in a battle with Squirk and shattered his Flashstone, throwing one half in the river and the other where Paradise Estate would later be built.

Squrik continued to rule his small kingdom and eventually kidnapped the elderly Rough, forcing Pluma to find the two flashstones for him. Once Squirk found the first Flashstone, he went on a rampage, blasting several coral reefs and fish with his newly gained powers and soon found the second stone.

With the second stone, Squirk began to flood Dream Valley once again. Danny came up with an idea to catch Squirk in a net, which they used and managed to steal his Flashstones. Once defeated, Squirk and Crank were sent back to the bottom of the ocean without their magic weapons.


Squirk was a bully, cruel, merciless and haughty to a fault. He wasn't very powerful and had to rely on his magical artifact to boss others around. He had nothing but disdain for his sidekick, Crank, whom he abused physically and mentally constantly.

Voice actors[edit]

Language Actor Note
English Frank Welker Also played Crank


  • Although Squirk was said to live for tens or hundreds of thousands of years, real-life octopi are actually known for having infamously short life-spans of only around eight years.


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