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"The Return of Tambelon"

Drog was a Trogal soldier whose people were enslaved by the mighty goat Grogar. Drog was not loyal to Grogar and grew tired of his regime. After a chance run in with Danny, he finally found his chance to rebel against Grogar and his regime. He helped Danny and the others find a way into Grogar's castle in Tambelon, which was no longer located in the Realm of Darkness but in Dream Valley. Unfortunately, other Trogal's caught wind of Drog's rebellion and ambushed him, leading Danny and the others to believe Drog set them up.

After Drog was arrested for betraying Grogar, Danny realized his intentions were genuine and the two became friends again. With Drog's knowledge of Tambelon and the Trogal ways, they managed to escape the dungeon. After defeating Grogar and sealing him away in the Realm of Darkness, Drog and the other Trogal's settled down in Dream Valley, finally in peace.


Drog, like most Trogal's, was a peaceful being who was forced into slavery and soldierhood by Grogar. He had a kind, strong heart which eventually lead to his imprisonment. He knew the Trogal ways very well, and defended the majority of his kind, knowing they were forced to do what they did, less they face even greater consequences.

Behind the scenes

Drog appeared in the My Little Pony epsiode arc, "The Return of Tambelon". His performer was uncredited, so it is unclear who portrayed him, in any dub.


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