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My Little Pony character
Biographical information
SpeciesDemon  • Cloud demon
AffiliationKnightshade and the Shadowettes
Real world
"Bright Lights"

Erebus was a cloud demon who sought to increase his power by stealing shadows from others. To accomplish this, he had his underling Zeb act as manager of Knight Shade & The Shadowettes in order to lure in potential victims.


Behind the scenes

Erebus is named for the Greek god of darkness.

Erebus’, Zeb's, and Knightshade's nature is far darker than most villains in the franchise. Yes, while their ultimate goals are inline with the whimsically dark nature of the series, it doesn't take much to realize the real-world parallels between them and the very real crime of the trafficking of children. Erebus and Zeb are, at the core of their actions, using a marketable and popular icon in the form of Knightshade in order to manipulate the innocence of little kids to lure them away from their guardians and abuse them.

Voice acting rumor

Much like his cohort Zeb, Erebus is subject to a rumor regarding his voice portrayal. Unsourced Wikipedia edits identify Erebus's performers to be Walker Boone and Jim Cummings. There appears to be no sources that properly confirm this.


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