Gift Giver's Grove

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Gift Giver's Grove
Friendship is Magic character
Overview information
LocationFrozen North
Ponyville (Mobile game)

"Best gift givers up northern pass, where sky shimmers and glows. There, secret gift giver grove. Only yak princes and pink honorary yak know"
Prince Rutherford[source]

The Gift Giver's Grove is a Reindeer settlement located in the Frozen North.


The location was apparently unknown to many, in fact, according to Prince Rutherford, only Yak Princess know of the location, until he told its whereabouts to Pinkie Pie at least. Regardless of the authenticity of his statement, the location is so hard to get to that it may as well be unknown to many. Pinkie Pie had to cross several mountains and ride a polar bear just to reach the grove. There, she met Aurora, Bori and Alice, who helped Pinkie Pie create the "perfect gift".

In other media

In My Little Pony: Magic Princess, the Gift Giver's Grove is a house located in Ponyville. It is home to not only the Gift Givers of the Grove but also the Reindeer version of Rainbow Dash.





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