Aurora (reindeer)

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Not to be confused with Aurora Borealis the natural phenomenon
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesDeer  • Reindeer
OccupationGift Giver
FamilyGift Givers of the Grove
Real world
VoiceAsia Mattu
My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever

Aurora was the eldest, at least in appearance, of the three Gift Givers of the Grove. She was elderly looking, blue-coated Reindeer with a pink mane and magenta eyes. She lived with Bori and Alice, who she seemed to care for but also has a slight rivalry with. She didn't seem to care for Bori's slightly condensing attitude or Alice's impulsiveness, but got along with them just fine.


Aurora lived in The Grove with Bori and Alice, but her relation with them outside of being housemates and "gift givers" was unclear, but they seemed to operate like a family of sorts. She grew impatient when she waited for Pinkie Pie to finally reach the grove, but otherwise treated her well. Together with Bori and Alice, she created the "perfect gift" for Pinkie Pie.

After seeing Pinkie Pie use the gift to save her loved ones from The Pudding, Discord acted slightly annoyed at how perfect their gift really was as they flew around the castle celebrating a job well done.


Probably due to her ability to see gifts of the past, Aurora seemed to be the most impatient. Regardless, she was still a friendly and altruistic deer who took satisfaction in helping others come up with the perfect gifts for friends and family. She was shown to be slightly at odds with Bori and Alice, but treated them like family regardless.

Powers and abilities

  • Knowledge of gifts past: Aurora knows "everything" about gifts of the past.
  • Flight: Like Pegasi, Aurora can fly. In spite of her elderly appearance, she seems to be quite skilled at it as well.



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