The Tasty Treat

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The Tasty Treat
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LocationRestaurant Row
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"Spice Up Your Life"
"The Point of No Return"

The Tasty Treat was one of the at least four restaurants in Restaurant Row and the only one revealed. It was an "Indian" restaurant, serving food such as samosa, curry and naan.


First Folio and Moon Dancer went to lunch at the restaurant where they met Twilight Sparkle. Pretzel and Say Cheese mistook Spike as the waiter and ordered food from him, something he naturally adopted.

In other media

In My Little Pony: Magic Princess, the restaurant serves as the house of Coriander Cumin and Saffron Masala.

Behind the scenes

The restaurant being an Indian-themed restaurant with an Elephant as its logo implies that Elephants may be the stand-in for Hindu peoples, similarly to how Zebras are the stand in for sub-Saharan Africans and Horses for Arabian peoples. However, other pieces of media tend to portray Elephants as just other animals, as seen in "She Talks to Angel" with Muriel.


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