Cherry Hill Ranch

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Cherry Hill Ranch
Friendship is Magic character
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LocationDodge Junction
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"The Last Roundup"

Cherry Hill Ranch is a ranch and hill located in Dodge Junction. It is owned by Cherry Jubilee.


When she was a young mare, Cherry Jubilee worked at the ranch until she eventually bought it.[1] Applejack got a job at the ranch when she lost the Equestrian Rodeo Competition, though soon left it to go back to Ponyville.[2] When Buffalo Bull's Amazing Wild West Show came to the ranch to rest as the crew were all sick, Cherry tried to kick them off the ranch, but when she realized how sick Buffalo Bull was, she let them stay and together they put on a show for the town.[2][note 1]



  1. Cherry Jubilee in the IDW continuity was the original Calamity Mane
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