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"Dear Sister, I learned something today. It's important to laugh. The more important you are, the more important it is to laugh at yourself. Everypony nees to laugh and everypony needs a good joke or prank now and again. The mark of a good friendship is being able to share a laugh, even when it's something you never meant to be funny."
Princess Luna[source]

A comedian, or comic was an individual who saught to entertain their audience through laughter. The most iconic form of comedian was a stand-up comic, who often performed in Comedy clubs or other venues. A comedian was similar to a clown, but while clowns tended to focus on physical humor and athletics to make their audiences laugh, comedians tended to do so through wordplay, jokes, puns, written media and more, though some comedians employed physical comedy, such as through slapstick.

The Ponyville Comedy Club, a Comedy club

Although comedians were mostly known as joke-tellers, a good amount of them were equal part storytellers who attempted to weave in the comedy based off personal stories or thoughts, often with sprinkled humor and sarcasm. This could be seen in Maud Pie's stand up career, where she sarcastically talked about being an Earth Pony and how they have many talents like picking things up.[1]


At some point "years and years" prior to her banishment from Kirin Village Autumn Blaze was a comedian in.[2] Maud Pie worked as a comedian at the Ponyville Comedy Club and did absolutely horrible at it, though Pinkie Pie found her jokes hilarious.

The Chuckle-Lot

Princess Celestia hosted an annual comedy event called the Chuckle-Lot where she invited ponies to laugh at her while she did a variety of slapstick events. Princess Luna wished to join the event in order to lessen the fear ponies still had for her. In doing so, she staged a fake interruption of the event where she scolded the audience and her sister for performing in such embarrassing acts, right before pranking Celestia with a pie-in-the-face.[3]

Apple Bloom tried to get her cutie mark as a comedian by telling rude and unfunny jokes about Granny Smith, which caused Grann to throw apples at her.[4]

In our world

A number of voice actors who appear in My Little Pony are also comedians, with the most notable individuals probably being Nancy Cartwright, Patton Oswalt and "Weird Al" Yankovic, though several other actors identify as comedians or similar professions, such as Asia Mattu.

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