Canter Creek (township)

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Canter Creek

Canter Creek is a small, but well-known city possibly located in either the Western Equestria or Leota region of Equestria.


The town is most likely named after the Canter Creek, a long creek from the Leota region of Equestria, south of the Appaloosan Mountains. The township is 55 miles from Turley and 30 miles from Rockridge. It's also located near Ponderosa, Dodge Junction and Big Thunder Mine. According to Sheriff Tumbleweed, the entire town lives off the fresh water gathered at the Rancho Bronco, a place founded by Applejack's "granducle", Chili Pepper. After the passing of Chili Pepper, the town was thrown in termoil as the Buffalo Gang tried to take over. In spite of the best efforts of the kind-hearted, but woefully outmatched Sheriff, the town stood no chance until Applejack and co took the law into their own hooves...and by that we mean they broke the law, a lot.

After the defeat of the gang, the town was put back into a period of peace.


Unconfirmed residents

These are characters who appear in Friends Forever #8. While the town visited in that comic was not confirmed to be Canter Creek, it did strongly resemble it and the Buffalo Gang was present there


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