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Ancient Dragon Lord
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
OccupationDragon Lord
NationalityDragon Lands
Real world
"The Hearth's Warming Club"

This Ancient Dragon Lord[1] ruled over the Dragon Lands at an unknown time in the past, some time before the reign of Dragon Lord Torch


A kindly figure despite his size, this Dragon Lord took pity on the homeless Scales and invited her to his cave in the Dragon Lands for a feast. Sadly, rather than feeling grateful for the generosity of her benefactor, Scales coveted his power and good fortune for herself. Attacking the Dragon Lord, she seized the Bloodstone Scepter, which glowed in recognition that she had usurped the Dragon Lord's place. Utterly merciless, Scales then used her position to banish the former Dragon Lord to the very same dreary wilderness where he had found her.


Perhaps due to Scales' influence, this Dragon Lord was remembered as weak and foolish, with his positive traits mocked by dragons of later days. During one Feast of Fire attended by Smolder many centuries later, the account of his fall was memorialized in the tale "A Dream Come True", with Scales being treated as the cunning hero.


Unlike many dragons, this Dragon Lord was kind and generous, willing to welcome a complete stranger into his home to eat with him and his family and friends. Unfortunately, he seems to have been a poor judge of character, and did not anticipate Scales turning against him and usurping his throne. Forced into exile, he showed further sensitivity by weeping as Scales gloated over him.




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