Wind Sprint

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Wind Sprint in awe of Rainbow Dash

Wind Sprint is a filly and the daughter of Clear Sky and a (presumably) deceased stallion and eventually became the step daughter (more or less) of Quibble Pants


Wind Sprint was the daughter of a famous sports star and followed in his hoovesteps, aiming to become a great sporty pony herself. However, as she, Quibble Pants and Clear Sky referred to her father in pants-tense, it was likely that he had passed away recently.

At some point, her mother Clear Sky began to date Quibble Pants but Wind Sprint refused to warm up to the stallion, believing he was trying to make her forget about her father. Despite her rough attitude towards him, Quibble did everything in his power to try to make her like him, such as taking her to the Appleoosa Buckball Stadium to see Team Ponyville in action. However, being the more academically minded stallion, Quibble took his new family to the Buckball Museum first and camped out to make sure he was the first in line. While in Appleoosa, Wind Sprint was mostly grumpy and didn't care for the museum, not smiling until the Rainbow Dash of the Wonderbolts approached her.

Though excited to meet such a famous athlete, she soon realized it was another set up by Quibble to try to impress her. As they began to leave, Quibble bought her a Buckball Almanac, an encyclopedia that documented virtually everything in Buckball. WInd Sprint didn't want a book however, as she wasn't a book pony.

Soon, Wind Sprint and Clear Sky went to watch the game themselves and enjoyed watching Team Ponyville dominating their opponents. Quibble joined them as the tournament was waning to an end and announced his big surprise that he was going to have his family meet his "close friends", Team Ponyville. Wind Sprint was obviously excited by this gesture, but soon realized that this was, once again, a ploy to make her like Quibble more and saw through it, realizing Quibble wasn't really friends with them, nor was he good at the game but Rainbow Dash cut her off from leaving to tell her that they were going to play against Team Ponyville in a game of Buckball.

The game went...poorly to say the least as even though Team Ponyville was going easy on them, Quibble could barely do anything. Wind Sprint herself however, was actually quite good and did her best. After Quibble scored for the wrong team and tried to claim that it perfectly valid, Wind Sprint ran off. Clear Sky followed after her, disappointed in Quibble and comforted her. Wind Sprint wished she never even went to the game and couldn't see why her mother liked such a lousy stallion, but Clear Sky explained why she loved Quibble and that he only wanted her to like him, not so he could replace her father.

Later, Quibble apologized to Wind Sprint and decided to have her teach him how to play sports. The two managed to bond as he read from the Almanac to her and she grew interested in the book. After the game, Wind Sprint finally seemed to accept Quibble and the two became family.


Wind Sprint loved her father very much and felt that Quibble Pants was trying to replace him. Despite Quibble's 17 charisma, she rejected all of his attempts to bond with her, until he finally stopped trying be somepony he wasn't. She didn't care for books and believed Daring Do to not be athletic enough for her liking. She did eventually realize Quibble cared for her however, and the two bonded by combining Quibble's love of numbers and her love of sports.

She was very close with her mother and was only really seen smiling in her presence until she bonded with Quibble.

Behind the scenes

Wind Sprint first appeared in "Common Ground" as the daughter of Clear Sky and step-daughter-to-be of Quibble Pants. She was portrayed by Alice Oswalt.

Voice actors

Language Actor Note
English Alice Oswalt Daughter of Patton Oswalt