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ResidenceSweetheart's house (formerly)
Spot's pond
Real world

Spot was a frog adopted by Sweetheart.


After a rainstorm, Spot had injured one of his legs, making it difficult to jump and move around. After spotting him, Sweetheart decided to adopt the frog and took him to a veterinary office in Ponyland to treat him. Eventually, days after the treatment, Spot regained the ability to use his leg again and jump around. During this period, he was passed around the Pony gang as no one could keep him. Despite their love for the frog, none of them could keep them in their houses, except for Sweetheart who would let Spot sleep in her bed with her. Despite this, Miss Hackney told Sweetheart that it be best to let him go, which she eventually, and tearfully, did. After being let go, Spot saw off his friends with tears in his eyes, but left to be with other frogs.


Despite not speaking, Spot displayed a strong personality. He was an extremely loving, caring, sweet frog who loved his friends dearly, but was also playful to a fault. Given his nature as a frog, not much ponies wanted to to touch him, and some wanted to eat him. He was very friendly and quickly made other frog friends.


Spot has appeared in the following alternate realities:


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