King of Griffonstone

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The King of Griffonstone was a title given to individuals who ruled over the Kingdom of Griffonstone. In total, there were 14 kings, though Twilight Sparkle mentioned a king in the present tense when referring to the state of the realm in the Era of Twilight, though she also mentioned she "didn't know who was in charge". Though it was said there were 14 kings, only the first and last were revealed.

The title was likely dissolved after the disasterous reign of King Guto and later, the title of Griffon Lord was used instead.


List of kings

King Grover
The first king of Griffonstone and the most revered by his subjects. He was the one who found the Idol of Boreas and transitioned Griffonstone from a greedy community to a connected one with a strong identity and culture. Griffons invoke his name akin to how ponies say Celestia.

King Guto
The last king of Griffonstone. Although Griffons seemed to look on his reign symapathetically, his reign is what ultimately ended the Griffonstone golden age as the Arimapsi stole the Idol of Boreas. The Guto River was presumably named after him.


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