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Biographical information
OccupationBoffyball player
AffiliationTeam Griffonstone
Real world
Gilda and Rarity

Hilda was a griffon from Griffonstone and lived in Griffonstone Proper. She was a member of Team Griffon and friends with her fellow teammates Gilda Greta, Firegem, Franz, Elke, Gretchen, Rinehardt and her coach, Coach Klaus. She didn't think highly of Firegem, however. She seemed to be close with Greta.


Hilda was a member of Team Griffonstone and took the sport very seriously. When Rarity accidentally said her outfit would make them the greatest uniforms in the air, Hilda yelled at her, yelling that theirs no flying. Before the big game, she came down with Musk Ox Pox and couldn't play with the others.


  • Aside from Gretchen, Gilda and Firegem, none of the members of Team Griffonstone were directly mentioned by name, even though all of their names were spoken. Because of this, we had to make out what name belonged to who due to context clues. In this case, two of the Team Griffonstone members couldn't attend the big game, being Hilda and Franz. As Franz is a masculine name, we assume this Griffon was Hilda.


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