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Friendship is Magic character
But it was I, Blackbeak!
Biographical information
AffiliationRoyal Griffon Defense Force
Real world
Flash Magnus and the Royal Legion

Blackbeak was a griffon and member of the Royal Griffon Defense Force during the Age of Heroes.


He believed that the Pegasus Kingdom had attacked the Griffon Kingdom when their Weather Factory went awry and created a genuine Super Storm on Griffon Territory near the Pegasus Kingdom-Griffonstone Border town of Beakwick. After telling off Commander Ironhead and other members of the Royal Legion demanding them they leave territory and let his team deal with him, he and his team quickly found themselves overpowered and outmatched by the storm, with Blackbeak himself getting struck by lightning.

It was unclear what Blackbeak's thoughts on Pegasi, who he seemed deeply xenophobic of, saving his people and the ensuing friendship between Griffon and Pegasi. He was often told about in the stories of Flash Magnus and his involvement was formally written down in the book Flash Magnus and the Royal Legion.


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