Gretchen (boffyball player)

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Biographical information
OccupationBoffyball player
ResidenceGriffonstone Proper
AffiliationTeam Griffonstone
Real world
Gilda and Rarity

Gretchen was a passionate, but unskilled player of Boffyball. She was teammates with Gilda, Hilda Greta, Firegem, Franz, Elke and Rinehardt and her coach was Coach Klaus.


When Rarity mistakenly thought players could fly in Boffyball, Gretchen yelled at her and was concerned that she couldn't make proper uniforms if she didn't know how Boffyball was even played. She thought very highly of Coach Klaus, in spite of his mean-spirited behavior towards Firegem thus showing she had the typical Griffon apathy in spite of her otherwise sunny personality. During the big game, she didn't seem to do much, but rejoiced when her team scored a single point.

Later, she fell in love with Rarity's uniforms, asking if she could wear them normally.


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