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Dragon Lord Scintilla is the oldest known Dragon Lord and first ruler of the Dragon Lands, as they were among the founders of the kingdom. They were believed to be a volcano by Prince Rutherford.[1]


Dragon Lord Scintilla was the Dragon lord of the Dragon race "many moons ago". A larger-than-life figure, Scintilla fought in the First Dragon-Yak war but eventually filed a peace treaty with Prince Ulysses. Together the two traveled across Equestria and beyond until they found spots to found their kingdoms. Eventually Scintilla found such a spot and founded the Dragon Lands as Prince Ulysses founded Yakyakistan. Together the two founded a powerful bond that forever united Yaks and Dragons.[1]


Among dragons, Scintilla was somewhat of an idol and legend. Even though dragons hardly interacted with Yaks, their bond with Prince Ulysses was celebrated for generations to come. However, this bond would also be used to start the short-lived Second Dragon-Yak war, as the dragons felt that the Yaks forgot how much the bond meant to them.[1]


Scintilla seemed to be an affable Dragon Lord who favored peace instead of warfare and fostered good and meaningful friendships.




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