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Aunt Holiay
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
OccupationFilly Scout leader
FamilyScootaloo's family
Partner(s)Aunt Lofty
Real world
Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe
Ponyville Mysteries #3

Holiday is the older sister of Scootaloo's father and lover of Lofty, thus making her the paternal aunt. Holiday lives outside of Ponyville, but stays with Scootaloo while her parents are away.


Auntie Holiday is the older sister of Scootaloo's father and unlike her younger brother, she tries to play an active part in her nieces life. At some point prior to Scootaloo's adventures with the Moon sisters, Holiday met and fell in love with Lofty and has been in a relationship with her ever since. While Scootaloo returned home from an unfortunate run in with a monster, Holiday was surprised to see Scootaloo home early, and sowed concern for her when she was clearly in a bad mood. Later, Holiday kissed Lofty.[1]

Scootaloo later thought how lucky she was for living with loving aunts like Holiday and Lofty.[1]


Holiday is a loving and warmhearted Earth Pony who loves Lofty and Scootaloo very much. She's always interested in Scootaloo's life and is very outwardly caring, which can sometimes annoy Scootaloo, but Scootaloo knows it comes from a good place and thus doesn't mind it much. She was also very nurturing towards the Filly Scouts and cared deeply for them.

Of the two aunts, Holiday seemed to be the more mature and responsible one. She scolded Scootaloo for sneaking into dangerous places while Lofty on the otherhand praised Scoots for her daring deeds and pressed her for knowledge on whether or not they found anything. She's a great cook, often cooking breakfast for her family or meals for her scouts.






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