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The afterlife is the realm one goes beyond death. Like most religious aspects of the world, very little information on what the afterlife may be exists.


Heaven has been mentioned countless times throughout Friendship is Magic, albeit has only been mentioned in the context of a special place on very few occasions. Smart Cookie said "Heaven forbid that should happen" in a conversation with Chancellor Puddinghead Cup, implying "heaven" may be a special location believed in by ponies, at least of the Three Tribes era. Likewise, Sweetie Belle once referred to the Crystal Empire gift shop as "crystal heaven", meaning that Heaven may have special significance beyond just the sky, as her statement implies heaven is something beautiful.

In Tales, Ponies would often times proclaim phrases such as "Oh for Heaven's sake"[citation needed], once again implying it may be a special realm. Likewise in Tales, it was shown that if ponies die, then they may become ghosts, such as was the fate of Squire. What this means for the nature of the afterlife is unclear.

In fanfiction

Given the long-lived nature of the character of Spike, many fanfictions involving his later life tend to involve him coming to grips with the death of the Mane Six and eventually joining them in Heaven or the afterlife.

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