Zecora's Cottage

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Zecora's hut
Friendship is Magic character
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LocationEverfree Forest
Historical information
"Bridle Gossip"

Zecora lives in a small tree, not unlike Twilight Sparkle. The hut appears similar to the one used by a fellow brewer Mage Meagowbrook thousands of years ago. The interior of the house contains a round, circular room with several goods, presumably from the Great Plains.


Zecora lived in the hut for an unknown period of time before the Fateful Day.[1] She's lived alone as far as she can remember, always feeling like an outsider to Ponyville, even after becoming a party of its family.[2] The mane six trashed her house when they believed she kidnapped Apple Bloom, but has helped her clean it up when they realized the misunderstanding.[1] Apple Bloom was tutered by Zeocra in the arts of potion making and within her hut, she created many basic potions.[3] Respecting her abilities greatly, Twilight Sparkle trained under Zecora in her hut when sh was banished from Ponyville and use what she learned from Zecora to defeat Trixie Lulamoon in the Magic Duel.[4]

In other media

In My Little Pony: Magic Princess, the hut is represented by two structures. One is located in the Everfree Forest and serves as a place for crafting Friendship Totems, which produce Harmony Shards. The other lies in Ponyville, and serves as a house for Zecora in-game.



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