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Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Pegasus
Real world
Friendship is Magic #80

Shadowdance is a Rogue pegasus and member of the Mystical Majestic Mares.


Shadowdance was a character taken up by Fluttershy for the Mane Six's LARP campaign. Her costume was made up of a blue muumuu with flowers and seemingly some kind of wig.

She watched as Calamity used her animal companions to climb the Dragon Tower as she herself climbed a nearby tree and used her crossbow to fire a line to the tower she she used swing, only to swing head-first into the tower and fall on her face. After eventually teaming with the others, she managed to use her crossbow to create a rope directly to the Great Prince's room, which Rarity used to climb to save him. However as she later found out, this trial was merely level 1.

Behind the scenes

The muumuu Fluttershy is wearing may be a reference to the episode "

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