Officer Trotter

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Officer Trotter
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
OccupationPolice officer
AffiliationManehattan Police Department
Real world
"Manehattan Mysteries" - Part I
"Manehattan Mysteries" - Part II

Officer Trotters was a young mare police officer who worked for the Manehattan Police Department. Her cutie mark was a heart with a police badge within it.


Although Trotter could be a bit rough, she was a moral and just officer who believed in doing the right thing. When the police investigated Carneighie Hall in order to find out stole the Ostlerheimer Diamond, she was thorough in her investigation though was ultimately lead to believe that Trixie Lulamoon was the true culprit and was in fact, Rough Diamond. However, she lost Trixie and co after they caught a ride on train train 0526 in the F Train section of the Manehattan subway.

Despite her wrong-thinking, Trotter was persistant if nothing else and went to great lengths to catch Trixie, staking out the Manehattan museum for an entire night waiting for her. However, after Babs Seed proved that Trotter's colleague, Officer Fluffles, was the true culprit all along, Trotter did not hesitate to arrest her former friend and let Trixie go by.


Trotter was a young mare with a green coat, mane and eyes. She wore typical police officer clothes in her investigation of Trixie. She seemed to be a fairly new officer, given her age but was enthusiastic and respectful towards her chief. She seemed like friends with Fluffles.


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