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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesLizardfolk  • Rhino
OccupationBazaar salesman
AffiliationGrumm's Bazaar

Grumm is a Lizardfolk and the owner of Grumm's Bazaar. Through his expansive empire of tradegoods, Grumm is essentially the "ruler" of Klugetown and rules it with an iron fist.


A bizarre bazaar[edit]

Grumm owns and operates a bazaar in Klugetown. In spite of its exclusivity, the bazaar is likewise incredibly influential. Grumm was often times very busy, and spent mot of his time in his offices. Grumm was a very serious lizardfolk, and often carried a tired demeanor. He was incredibly stern but had a sense of fairness to him. Uncharacteristically for a man in his profession, Grumm was a largely lawful individual, as he enforced strict laws throughout Klugetown.[1] He was not exactly a moral man however, as he didn't have any visible qualms about abusing the young Capper and Chummer or when he had to impose Verko's law.[2]

Ruler of puppet?[edit]

Although referred to as the closest thing to a leader Klugetown has,[1] Grumm seems to play second fiddle, or even works as a grunt for Verko, who seems to be the true "leader" of Klugetown.[2] As Tails of Equestria: The Official Movie Sourcebook reported his status as a leader after the fall of the Storm King, it's possible that he somehow rose to power after the fall of Verko.

Further adventures[edit]

In the Post-Storm King world, Grumm continues his work in Klugetown as the aloof businesslizard. With the arrival of more ponies and cats than ever, Klugetown is at an all time height of activity, and of lawfulness, thus making Grumm's ironfisted behavior all the more effective.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Grumm first appeared as a largely undistinguished Lizardfolk who apepared in My Little Pony: The Movie and the comic book series preceding it, My Little Pony The Movie Prequel as a member of Verko's goons. Much of his history and personality was defined in Tails of Equestria: The Official Movie Sourcebook, which detailed his profession and behavior.




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