Crystal Mountains caves (FF29)

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Crystal Mountain caves
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LocationCrystal Mountains
Historical information
Rarity and Maud Pie

This cave system was a massive and beautiful cave system located in the Crystal Mountains, beyond the Main Tunnel.


The caves were originally discovered by Deep Strata, a geology professor who announced its discovery at the E.G.G.S. convention. Maud Pie wanted to explore the caves, but her nervous disposition made her unable to tell Deep Strata until Rarity pushed her to do so. However, Maud's eternal nemesis, Buried Treasure also overheard the expedition and decided to best her.

Maud and Rarity's adventure towards the caves was long and filled with many complications until they finally reached the Crystal Mountains. There, they rushed through the Main Tunnel until they came across a bridge that lead into the caves, only for Buried Treasure to burn down the bridge. Through Rarity was ready to give up, Maud persevered and discovered a Lava tunnel which lead directly into the cave complex. In her frustration, Buried Treasure quit her job as an archeologist and decided to go back to law school instead.


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