Colonial Whinniesburg

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Colonial Whinniesburg
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Colonial Whinniesburg is a large "living museum" located in the city of Whinniesburg.


Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash had an adventure in the museum when they suspected Shadow Lock to ransack the place. While there, Twilight Sparkle broke a record in buying stuff in the gift shop and Rainbow Dash fired a cannon. a soldier almost got fired from his job because of her, but due to Twilight's shopping, he kept his job.

In other media

In My Little Pony: Magic Princess, Colonial Whinniesburg is located in Ponyville, and serves as both a residence and the setting for the Rarity's Retro Revolution event.


The existence of this location seems to imply that Equestria was colonized by some outside power. As far as we can tell however, Ponies are native to Equestria, if we assume the Cave Ponies from the Cave of the Sun were on Equestria. Furthermore, some great, cross-sea Pony empire has never been revealed, however, a few distant islands with pony inhabitants do exist, such as Dazzle Island and the Griffish Isles. The colonization could, perhaps, refer to the region of Whinniesburg being settled by ponies originally from the vicinity of Canterlot.


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